Bag-a-Bean for RCJSV

RCJSV will be included in the Brattleboro Food Coop’s Bag-a-Bean Program through the month of September!

What does this mean?

Whenever a customer brings in their own grocery bag, container for bulk foods or travel mug, the coop thanks them with a 5¢ credit—or offers them a fava bean instead, which they may drop into a big container with a local non-profit’s name on it.  For every pound of beans that is placed in a container over $14 is donated to the organization of choice. The Bag-a-Bean program works to engage shoppers around reducing waste by rewarding them with the opportunity to donate 5 cents to one of three non-profits.  New organizations are chosen each month.

When you head out to do your coop shopping, consider donating your credit to RCJSV and supporting our community-wide programming. Don’t forget to bring your reusable bag! And look out for RCJSV staff & board members who will be tabling at the coop throughout the month.