Restorative Community Justice of Southern Vermont is an organization of dedicated local residents who volunteer their time to introduce and provide restorative practices to the communities of Southeastern Vermont.


The Need
Our region is sparsely populated with high rates of poverty. Windham County has the third-lowest median income in the state. Job opportunities are limited and residents are struggling to get by. Large segments of the population have been traumatized by drug addiction and its related ills, and municipalities offer few services to help them deal with the accompanying collateral damage. We see a need for grassroots community action that will give people the skills they need to solve conflicts peacefully, building stronger, healthier, and more resilient communities.

Restorative Justice
Our mission is to promote restorative practices that prevent, address and change behaviors that hurt individuals, families, schools and communities. These practices focus on repairing harm and reintegrating those involved in conflict back into the community by talking about important issues, improving relationships, creating a peaceable climate and nurturing critical awareness of each person’s valued place in their community. We create opportunities and provide resources for people to achieve these goals.

The Vision
Restorative Community Justice of Southern Vermont (RCJSV) seeks to provide a range of assistance and solutions for people facing conflicts and disagreements.

We offer family and community circles, free of charge, to members of the community. We develop partnerships with local schools, libraries and churches which provide venues for circles and meetings.